Education Life Coaching focuses on the development and advancement of high school and college students.   From this perspective, such life coaching motivates and educates students in a variety of areas including:
  • The Selection of a Small Private, Liberal Arts,                                          or a Large Research University
  • The Selection of a Major & Minor
  • Strengths-Based Education Assessment
  • Career Exploration 
  • Goal Setting, Strategizing, & Tracking
  • Applying for & Earning Internships
  • Classroom Etiquette
  • Relationship Development with Professors & Peers
  • Organizational Involvement
  • Facebook Self-Presentation
  • Business & Professional Communication
  • Time Management
  • Study Habits & Tips
  • Student Loan Awareness
  • Resume Building
  • Plus Much More...


Our life coaches are passionate, committed, and determined to providing each of our students with a well needed edge as they enter college as well as the workforce.  We understand that in today's society a vast majority of college students wander aimlessly through their 4 to 6 years in college without any specific direction.  As a result, students leave college struggling to find a job and a sense of purpose.  We are here to assist you in your collegiate adventure, put you on a track to success, and help you gain an advantage that will place you leaps and bounds ahead of your peers.  


The life coaches at Edu Life Coach standout amongst the rest.  We were once lost and misguided college students ourselves who later regretted squandering our 4 years at our respective undergraduate universities.  Since then we have gone on to find our way working in the business world, earning advanced degrees, and we are now currently college professors at various higher education institutions across the country.  Our past and present experiences in academia will help you sidestep the common distractions and ill-advised decisions that most college students fall victim to.  Additionally, our insight and wisdom will help you avoid the very regrets we experienced upon graduating from our first round of college.  It is our own regrets that fuel our passion and desire to help the next generation. 


We are excited to have an opportunity to help high school and college students maximize their potential and engage in life to the fullest extent possible.  


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