ELC Packages

ELC Packages & Options

--  Free Initial Consultation  

--  3 Session Trial

--  Monthly Coaching*

--  Semester Coaching*

--  Academic Year Coaching*

--  Year Around Coaching*

--  1 Day Workshops*: Suitable for Groups of 3 or More Students

Free initial consultations are a great opportunity to speak with one of our coaches to find out whether or not this ELC program is right for you without any costs or obligations.  Parents or students can make the initial contact for the free consultation.  

After the initial consultation, your coach will talk with you in great detail about your passions, desires, and goals.  Based upon that discussion, you and your coach will put together a personalized plan for the semester.  These strategic plans are re-visited each semester to ensure that your coach is meeting the most pressing needs in your life at that particular point in time.  

Coaching sessions are scheduled in 45-minute segments.  Most packages include one coaching session per week.  Coaching sessions can be conducted face-to-face (if local) or via Skype, phone, or instant message. 

Workshops vary in length from 2 - 6 hours.  Workshops can be personalized based upon the needs and desires of the students and/or parents.  Click on the "Basics" tab above to see the list of topics available.  

* Monthly, Semester, Academic Year, Year Around, and Workshop coaching packages also include a Free Strengths Quest Assessment for each student.  

Contact info@edulifecoach.com for additional details about ELC packages 
and pricing options.