ELC Bios

 Ryan Montague, Ph.D. 

"You can determine a student's potential NOT by an ACT or SAT score, but rather their determination, drive, and willingness to accept and apply advice from others.

Full disclosure, as a high school senior it took me three attempts to earn an ACT score of 22.  As a scholar-athlete with a high GPA, I was thoroughly embarrassed by my ACT score.  I didn't want to share my score with anyone.  I couldn't help but be embarrassed even though I knew that the score was a mere reflection of slow reading rather than any lack of intelligence.  At the end of each ACT section, I had to guess on the remaining 20 questions because I was not able to work through the sections fast enough.  

Despite the low ACT score and an undergraduate performance that lacked a career/future oriented focus, I have gone on to earn the highest academic degree offered in the entire world.  I have an incredible wife and amazing son, and after 6 years of graduate school I am continuing my professional career at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.  I am living proof that you can determine a student's potential NOT by an ACT or SAT score, but rather their determination, drive, and willingness to accept and apply advice from others.  

Unfortunately for me, I figured out the keys to academic success and career exploration a little later than one would hope.  As a result, I did not properly learn and retain information from high school and college as well as I would have liked to -- nor did I capitalize on all the resources and opportunities that universities offer (i.e., study abroad programs, internships, etc.).  However, I can now proudly say that one of my primary goals in life is to pass on such keys, tips, and advice to the next generation.  I have no doubt that the earlier one understands and applies such education tips the more information they will learn and retain, the more career wise they will become, and they will ultimately achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

Some college student life coaches choose to focus their efforts solely on high achieving and highly motivated students.  I, on the other hand, am willing to work with any and all high school and college students.  I know what it's like to be sitting on potential and in need of a wake-up call, a reality check, and a proper understanding of all the opportunities that are at one's finger tips.  There is nothing more rewarding then helping a college student find their way, discover their passion, and land an internship or job that becomes a key piece to their life puzzle.

Favorite Quote: 
"The meaning of my life is to help others find the meaning of theirs." -- Victor Frankl

"Being a student athlete at a major university is a challenging task and one that is easy to get absorbed into.  But upon meeting Ryan I was often encouraged to step outside the box, be a 'social scientist', and explore my full potential.  His charisma was contagious, so I took his advice and it most definitely paid off.  It's a refreshing feeling to know that I am not just an athlete, but a total person thanks to Ryan.  The best part of the process was that Ryan was with me every step of the way providing advice and guidance.  He continues to genuinely do so to this day, and I can honestly say that I appreciate having Ryan in my life as a role model and most importantly as a friend." -- Rob S.

"Ryan has helped me step out of my comfort zone and grow to my full potential by encouraging me to nurture the growth of my interests and career goals.  He noticed the strengths in my work and helped turn those skills into personal advantages in the workforce.  In doing so, he helped me become an asset to a team in an internship that changed my life, and two years later, is still a part of my life.  Though the internship is over, I am still freelancing for the company and doing something with my life that I never thought was possible, and without his guidance, would not have been!  And for that, I owe a big THANK YOU to Ryan!" -- Jenna R.

"Ryan Montague has not only been a mentor but also a friend.  He has motivated me to reach my full potential.  He noticed a strength and talent in my work, helping me to land a great internship and many job opportunities.  The skills and knowledge I learned from Ryan will not only be a valuable asset to my career but also to my personal life.  He takes interest in who you are and pushes you to do your best." -- Nate S.

Universities Attended & Degrees Earned:
- Rockhurst University
- University of Missouri (B.A. Communication Studies)
- California State University - Northridge (M.A. Communication Studies)
        Thesis Title: Joker's Remorse: An Examination of Failed Humor and Recovery Strategies
- University of Missouri (Ph.D. Communication Studies)
        Primary Area: Interpersonal Communication
        Secondary Areas: Higher Education & Organizational Communication
        Dissertation Title: Divine Appointments: Living Life with Maximum Impact

Teaching Experience:
2006 - 2008

2008 - 2012
Starting Fall 2012

Courses Taught:
- Public Speaking
- Business and Professional Communication
- Relational Communication
- Interpersonal Communication
- Interpersonal Communication Diversity Initiative Development
- Family Communication
- Persuasion and Attitude Change
- Research Methods
- TV Studio Production
- TV Field Production

Employment Experience Outside of Academia:
- Prudential California Realty (West Hollywood, CA)
- On-Camera Audiences (Hollywood, CA)
- Background Actor (Hollywood, CA)
- Stand-Up Comedian (Midwest, USA)
- NBC Morning News (Kansas City, MO)
- Exterior Energy Consultants (Kansas City, MO)
- Footlocker (Columbia, MO)
- Hy-Vee (Kansas City, MO)